Great new book for Sports Parents

Over the past 20 years or so, the youth sports landscape has changed dramatically.  As a coach and sport psychology consultant, I am frequently approached by parents of young players who wonder about the next step.  

“Should my athlete play competitive or rec next year?”  

“What is the difference between this club team and that club team?”  

“We’re being asked to play this one sport year-round – should we do that?”

SPINw friend John O’Sullivan has a brand new book, Changing the Game, aimed at the sports parent that can help answer these questions, and help be the best sports parent possible.
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When you think of youth sports and more specifically sports parents, most people think of:

          -poor behavior
          -living vicariously through kids
          -misplaced priorities

Basically, all the things we think are counter-productive to the youth sports experience.  O’Sullivan has put together a young athlete owner’s manual, to help parents avoid these obstacles, and as the subtitle says “Raise happy, high performing athletes, and give youth sports back to our kids.

For more information about John and his Changing the Game Project, click here.