Congrats THUSC Onyx – national champions

SPINw is proud to say congratulations to Tualatin Hills United Soccer Club’s U15 girls Onyx, who won the US Club Soccer National Championship this summer.


KPTV – FOX 12 SPINw’s Brian Baxter has been working with this team since age 11, teaching them sport psychology techniques such as goal setting, focus and concentration, visualization, positive self-talk, team building, and leadership.

The Speed of the Game is in the Mind

Whether I work with a tennis player or a golfer, a runner, a baseball player or a soccer player, certain themes tend to arise frequently. One of them is the way that anxiety and pressure negatively effect an athlete’s performance by causing the mind to speed up.

When the mind speeds up, breathing speeds up and shallows, athletes forget to complete pre-performance routines, muscle tension increases, and athletes begin to second-guess themselves.

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For confident athletes, as the quote above says, can slow the game down. In sport psychology, we teach the athlete to “control the controllables”: Attitude, Effort, and Preparation. By having better pre-performance routines and sticking to them, by having defined and well-practiced re-focusing cues, and through positive self talk, athletes can ‘slow the game down’ and perform up to their ability more consistently.

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