A Balancing Act…

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The following article got the wheels in my mind turning. I never really thought about asking my husband if I could run a marathon, let alone how he felt about me completing two this year. Thankfully he is supportive…so far! Quite often we get so caught up in our athletic endeavors that we forget to say “THANKS” to all the people that make our dreams possible. Also, we forget to take the time to really communicate with our supporters and see how our desires impact other important aspects of our lives. I often find miscommunication leads to a lack of balance between life and running, which can affect my performance. When was the last time you sat down and reviewed your goals with those standing in your corner? Are you open to their feedback and suggestions? Do you feel like you have the support you need to be successful?

Personally, I have a large support team and I could not survive without them. My husband and fellow runners motivate me throughout my training. My trainer, chiropractor, and massage therapist help me fine-tune my physical self. While I have the sport psychology training to fine-tune my mind, I still rely on my fabulous colleagues to help me out of any mental ruts!

When building your support team make sure it is well rounded. Most people will hire a trainer at the gym to enhance their physical performance, but they never think to seek out a professional to help them enhance their mental game. Mind and body need to be equally strong! As the saying goes, you are only as strong as your weakest link!

Do you feel balanced between sport and life? Do you feel balanced between physical and mental strength?

About the Author: Lisa Peetz received an M.A. in Sports and Exercise Psychology. Lisa is an avid runner who appreciates and is addicted to marathon running. She uses her athletic experience in her mental skills training by individualizing skills to be both sports and life specific.

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