Introducing AMPlify Your Game Mental Training Program

Introducing AMPlify Your Game

We have officially launched! Introducing AMPlify Your Game, our new online mental performance training program for highly motivated athletes. This program will include the following Courses:
  • Course 1 – Mental Training 
  • Course 2 – Cultivating a Positive Mindset (Releasing February 15th)
  • Course 3 – Developing Laser Sharp Focus (Releasing March 15)
  • Course 4 – Pressure, Stress, and Emotional Control (Releasing April 15th)
  • Course 5 – Prepare Like a Pro (Releasing May 15th)
  • Course 6 – Getting into the Zone (Releasing June 15th)
Each course includes 6 video lessons complete with downloadable worksheets to personalize your mental training. You will learn new sport psychology techniques to train your mind to perform at your best, when it matters the most.