Athletes – Get Your Winter Sun!

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Can’t play at the top of your game if you have poor sleep, down moods and/or constant illness.

Getting your winter sun connects with all of these!

Physician, Dr. Brent Barlow states “Melatonin, a hormone that helps improve
the quality of sleep is produced in highest amounts on days when the body was
exposed to optimal levels of UV radiation. Therefore, you may sleep better after
days where you had been exposed to natural UV radiation from the sun.”

Additionally, “I recommend all my patients get at least 20-30 minutes of direct
natural UV exposure on a daily basis. The beneficial rays of the winter sun
penetrate through the cloud layer so you don’t have to wait for the sunshine in
order to get the benefits of natural UV exposure.”

Don’t let your tough workouts go to waste by not treating your mind & body
correctly. Getting daily sun exposure, even through the cloud layer, is key for:

  • Staying alert in games
  • Maintaining focus on the court
  • Sleeping well before competitions
  • Staying positive

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