Book Review: No More Broken Eggs by Tom Morin

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In working with young athletes, I come across some amazing parents!  The stereotype of the sports parent is not always a pleasant one, and I think it’s highly undeserved a majority of the time.  Most of the parents that bring their young athletes to SPINw to help their mental game are super supportive and caring, and want to see their kids enjoying their sports to the fullest.

It’s no secret that today’s youth sports environment is vastly different from the one that most parents grew up in.  It’s more competitive and specialized, and puts a lot of unneeded pressure on young athletes.  I was lucky to have Tom Morin as a professor when I was in graduate school, and am excited to recommend to you his book, No More Broken Eggs.  And not just because I make a brief, albeit uncredited appearance on page 57 ūüôā

As the subtitle suggests, it’s a Guide to Optimizing the Sports Experience for Athletes, Coaches, and Parents.  Half of the chapters deals with a real life story of an athlete Tom worked with, and the other half contains tips for athletes, parents, coaches, and sport psychology consultants.  I highly recommend this book for anyone who is involved with youth sports.

No More Broken Eggs Cover

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