Book Review: The Boys from Little Mexico

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In the mold of Friday Night Lights, Steve Wilson’s The Boys from Little Mexico is one of those sports books that I finished in a couple days.  It follows the all-latino Woodburn High School (just down I-5 from SPINw) soccer team through their 2005 season.  The book goes back and forth between describing the season, the players and coaches, the history of the town to give a full picture of the school, the team, and it’s community of players, coaches, and role models.

The sport psychology and the mental side of the game is a theme of this book.  The coaches consistently talk about the fact that the players’ belief in themselves does not match their high level of skill.  You can see it in the players’ comments and thoughts, too.  Will they find the confidence and that extra edge they need to finally win it all?  Check out the book to find out!

 The Boys From Little Mexico
Check out The Boys from Little Mexico in the SPINw webstore.

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