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Leadership Training & Sport Psychology For Coaches

The performance of athletes on the field or court is often a reflection of the coach. AMPlify Sport Psychology offers classes, workshops, and individual consulting with coaches. Our Mental Performance Consultants are not only experienced in the field of sport psychology but have coaching backgrounds as well. That combination of experience gives us a well-rounded perspective to help coaches improve their performance, as well as that of their athletes and teams.

Why Would A Coach Need A Mental Performance Consultant?

Because the guys at the top need someone to talk with, too! One of the joys of coaching is helping others reach their highest potential. One of the drawbacks is not having anyone to bounce ideas off of. Who do you go to when you are struggling?

Our consultants understand the challenges that coaches face as we’ve been there too. We have coaching experience and understand the need for one-and-one guidance for coaches, which is why we offer individual sessions for coaches, just like we do with athletes.

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How We Help You AMPlify Your Leadership

AMPlify Your Leadership Individual Coaching Program

This 4-week program coaching program is designed to make you a better coach! We will:

Analyze – where you are and where you want to go
Maximize – your strengths and unique talents
Personalize – solutions to improve leadership and coaching effectiveness

Our AMPlify Your Leadership program consists of:

Cultivate your Mission – We will help you in creating a winning team culture, starting with you! We will help you identify your own personal core values and develop vision and mission statements that exemplify what motivates you to coach.

Leadership Development – Identify best practices to improve not only your leadership — but your athletes’ leadership as well.

Communication – Learn how to make sure your athletes fully hear, understand, and buy in to your message.

Goal Setting – A sport psychology staple, goal setting helps you focus on the right thing at the right time. We start with you and your personal goals, and discuss best practices for team goal setting.

Team Motivation Techniques – Learn best practices for lighting the internal fire in your athletes.

AMPlify Your Leadership - Group Workshop

This workshop takes a similar approach to the one-on-one program, but it is typically done in a half-day or full-day or weekend-long group workshop with other coaches.

We love coaching the coaches. The learning environment is especially valuable, as you not only learn from our presentation, but from the experiences of other coaches as well. Here are some of the workshops we have run in the past:

  • Idaho Falls SD Athletic Department – full day
  • St Mary’s Academy (Medford, OR) Athletic Department – full day
  • Northeast United Soccer Club (Portland, OR) – half-day
  • Tualatin Hills United Soccer Club (Beaverton, OR) – half-day
  • AMPlify Your Leadership Coaching Conference (Portland, OR) – coaches from 5 different sports participated.
  • Oregon Youth Soccer Association – 3 month, half-day workshop series

Because Coaches Need Support Too

Brian has given incredible support for my career and life goals. Working closely with him is certainly a joy and a very rewarding experience. It helps me a lot on making more thoughtful decisions that comes from a place of understanding myself and my objectives deeply. It has impacted my work place, my vision, my relationship with co-workers and my overall long term plans. He is a key player in my team!”

– Eduardo Araujo

Leadership Development

This workshop is based on Brian’s sport psychology master’s thesis project “Teaching Leadership to Youth Soccer Players.” Many people think that leaders are born and not made, but the research and evidence do not support this. Effective coaches not only continually grow and improve on their leadership ability, but they also can encourage and teach their players to lead.

Topics include:

  • Leadership exercises
  • Insights on effective leadership
  • Knowing your leadership style and traits
  • Understanding your players’ leadership styles and traits
  • Getting your players to lead


All individual athletes are different.  One of the challenges of coaching is trying to motivate every player on the team to play up to their potential.  Not everyone is motivated the same way, so coaches have to know how to motivate a variety of different personalities. We will explore the following topics:

  • Knowing your players’ motivation
  • Knowing your motivation and motivational skills
  • Overview of the sport psychology skills and techniques
  • Strategies to improve team and player motivation

Sport Psychology Techniques & Coaches Resources

Whether they know it or not, most coaches already use sport psychology techniques in their coaching.  This workshop will focus on adding new methods and enhancing the ones you already use. Some of the sport psychology skills are:

  • Goal setting
  • Team cohesion
  • Focus and concentration
  • Emotional control
  • Visualization

Our goal is to provide as much help as we can to coaches. Here is a list of our favorite resources for coaches:

  • Lessons in motivation from great coaches – This article provides lessons in motivation from three great coaches.
  • Learn how to motivate individuals to become part of a great team in this article from Entrepreneur.
  • This article by The Ohio State University talks about how to help young players reduce stress.
  • Here are eight great motivational messages that guide top athletes. See if they work for your team players.

Here is a helpful article that can help you teach your players how to manage anger. This article also talks about extreme emotions affect performance.

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