Endings As Beginnings

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Summer is here and for sports that means a lot of endings. European soccer culminated with a splendid display by Barcelona in the Champions League Final, the NHL and NBA finals are wrapping up, college and high school baseball and lacrosse are heading into the post-season. And oh yeah, if you are a student or teacher, school is coming to a close.

At SPINw we’ve been talking a lot about the new beginnings that happen when seasons end.   In preseason there is a plan. There is excitement and focus and endless possibilities for the upcoming season. During the season athletes and teams train and fine-tune tune their games, and of course, compete. Those in the post season hope to peak and perform at the maximum level.

But, as you are heading into a break from your sport, what is your game plan? The off-season is in many ways, just as important as the pre- or post seasons. We have a couple suggestions to maximize your off-season:

Rest: Most sports are year-round these days, and rest can’t be neglected. Make sure that you schedule some rest and relaxation, and stick to it!

Review: Take some time to reflect on the season. Did you accomplish your goals? Did you improve? If so, how did you do it? Are there moments you wish you had back? Are there moments you’ll always remember?

Recover: It’s time to heal those injuries, whether major or just minor nagging injuries.

-Renew: After resting and reviewing, and while recovering, it’s time to start looking forward again, at least mentally. It’s time to renew your commitment to the game, the team, and yourself.

Michael Jordan was famous for adding a new piece to his game every summer: three point shooting, spin moves, fade away jumpers, to name a few. He used the off-season to keep his competitive edge and continually distance himself from his opponents. What do you want to add to your game? What are your goals for the off-season?

Not only can you add a new physical skill: speed, agility, technique, a new move, etc, but you might also want to consider adding to your mental game: build your confidence, control your emotions, improve your leadership, or learn how to use visualization to enhance performance.

At SPINw we can help whether it’s getting you out of a slump, building confidence after an injury, or just helping give you an extra edge. Contact us today to ask how.

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