Finding the Beat in Your Pre-Performance Routine

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As our U.S. athletes prepare to take center stage at the London Olympics, one is to wonder how they are able to mentally prepare and to keep focused on their performance. Many world-class athletes are seen wearing headphones and listening to music as they walk onto the court, swim platform, or track. Listening to music during an athlete’s pre-performance routine can help them to:

  1. Concentrate on their pre-game routine and to keep focus on their upcoming event.

  2. Help them to relax if they are feeling nervous or anxious before competition.

  3. Or, it can help them to psych up for competition.

  4. It can also help them to refocus when they are feeling distracted.

Interested in learning more?

Take a look at this blog: Musical Pre-performance Routines: A look at Michael Phelps

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