Get to know Elliott Waksman

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The second in our SPINw Consultant interview series…

What they’re saying:  Testimonial from a High School Wrestler:

 “I am actually looking forward to next week’s competition.  I never would have said that last season.”

Q:  How do you work with individual athletes?
A:  Athletes walk out of my office with tools. Not hammers or rulers but mental tools, such as how to effectively set process goals before a tournament or how to reframe an annoying negative thought. As a consultant it is my job during the office session to set up the client for success on the court or field. This education piece is a huge element to my work.

Q:  What is your favorite sport psychology technique?
A:  Visualization! 99% of Olympic athletes use visualization techniques. While many athletes have heard this buzzword thrown around, my clients understand how to visualize correctly. Additionally, I often guide the process by facilitating a personal visualization script in sessions.

Q: What is your favorite part of working with individual clients?
A:  Everyday my clients and I work to reframe negative “pop ups” to positive, controllable thoughts. Cleverly helping athletes come up with solutions is something I enjoy in individual session work.

Q:  What is your favorite part of working with a team?
A:  Playing teacher. Presenting new material to athletes via power point workshops and experimental activities is a huge thrill for me. The athletes absorb things differently with an outside professional. While some coaches touch on the mental game, I come in and teach applicable concepts in detail with a fun format.

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