NASCAR Psychology

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Not Your Typical Team

What comes to mind when we think of sports teams? Of sports where teams have specific plays they run? Obviously, football, basketball, hockey…teams where athletes working together as a group under the guidance of a coach perform towards a certain goal. What doesn’t come to mind is NASCAR. NASCAR? And not the cars or drivers either – the pit crew.

When a car comes into the pit, timing is everything. The car must be prepped correctly and quickly. Greg Miller, Red Bull Racing’s pit coach, trains his teams minds and bodies to be ready for the pressure and intensity of a race. Their concentration and team-building exercises include football, cycling, juggling, yoga, tai-chi, and canoeing. Just like other athletes, they watch tape of previous game performances. Miller even mixes in motivational films like Rudy and documentaries on John Wooden. And remember all the plays that pro sports teams run? Miller’s team has over 60 of them detailing different pit scenarios.

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