Post Event Depression

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Within days following a marathon, I see many posts about post marathon depression. After weeks of physical and mental preparation, it’s easy to feel down when the big day is over. I came across a Runner’s World Blog that addresses post marathon depression, and it has some useful tips for all athletes. These feelings don’t just happen after marathons, but after any big sporting event that a person has invested their time and energy into. Hence the first tip of being mindful! Athletes need to become more aware of their post event/game feelings. Emotions can affect choices made during recovery, and future goal setting. The suggestions in this blog are simple; however, it’s important to remember that motivation to give them a try may be lacking if an athlete is already starting to feel down. If you are stuck in a lull, don’t be afraid to seek support. A strong athlete knows the importance of a solid support system! 

About the Author: Lisa Peetz received an M.A. in Sports and Exercise Psychology. Lisa is an avid runner who appreciates and is addicted to marathon running. She uses her athletic experience in her mental skills training by individualizing skills to be both sports and life specific.

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