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Sport Psychology is a crucial element of high-level athletic performance. If you want to know more about the field and what it has to offer, but are not quite ready to work with us one-on-one, we suggest checking out these resources.  If you have worked with us, these tools are there for you to stay sharp with your Sports Mindset Training.

AMPlify Your Game -Mental Training Program

AMPlify Your Game is our online mental performance training program for highly motivated athletes that want to improve their mind to improve their physical performance.

Each course includes 6 video lessons complete with downloadable worksheets to personalize your mental training program. 

mental training for athletes

AMPlify's Top 5 Mental Performance Exercises

You are no doubt reading this right now because you want to perform at a higher level, and you understand that the mental part of sports is a key element in peak performance.

Athletes are always told to “play with confidence,” to “focus!” and to “get over mistakes quickly.” But they are not always told the how.

That’s where we come in.

Download your copy of AMPlify’s Top 5 Mental Performance Training Exercises that you can use right now!

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The Sports Mindset Gameplan

A perfect complement to technical, tactical, and physical training, The Sports Mindset Gameplan will help you fine-tune your mental game to improve confidence and performance.

You will learn more than just the sport psychology techniques used by elite athletes – with thought-provoking focus questions and power play action steps, you will learn more about yourself and just how mentally tough and confident you can be.

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Apex Soccer Journal

In the second Apex Journal, Brian combines his 40+ years of playing experience, 30 years on the sidelines, and 15 years in sport psychology to create an essential tool for highly competitive soccer players.  This 6 month journal includes:

  • Mental Training each month
  • Monthly goal setting and follow up, plus weekly action plans
  • Pre-competition routines and packing list
  • Game logs and opponent tracking
  • Extra motivation to train hard and get the most out of your performance

Using this journal will help you be more focused and confident, to take your game to the next level.

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Apex Fencing Journal Second Edition

This Fencing Journal helps you turn a simple practice into a deliberate practice and turbo-charge your improvement by:

  • Setting clear and focused intention for each practice
  • Ensuring quality practice through self and coach evaluation
  • Encouraging daily practice and cross training
  • Recording and reflecting on lessons learned from your coaches
  • And new to the second edition, training your mind through a 6-month game plan.

With deliberate practices, you will become your very best this fencing season.

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Sports Mindset Audio - Visualization iTunes Program

Mental toughness training for athletes. This program leads you through 6 specific types of visualization, to help you relax, prepare, and motivate.

Excelling in Sport Psychology: Planning, Preparing, and Executing Applied Work

Written for graduate students and early professionals who are conducting applied sport psychology work for the first time, Excelling in Sport Psychology is a guide for planning, preparing, and executing this work.

Each chapter addresses a critical component of the internship experience, such as selecting a site for an internship, preparing to begin the work, evaluating the completed work, and marketing oneself throughout one’s early career. The diverse experiences of the various authors provide a range of viewpoints for trainees to consider and apply to their growth as sport psychology or mental skills professionals.

Brian co-wrote the chapter entitled:  Marketing yourself: How do you tell the world how good you are?

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