Sports Parents FAQ – part 4 – Support

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As mentioned in the first segment, most sports parents are not the stereoypical pain-in-the-neck parents who are living vicariously through their children.  Most are highly supportive, love their kids immensly, and want the best for their kids.  A lot of the questions we get from parents is simply how to best support their kids in sports.  When to push, when to prod, when to ask questions, and when to just leave them alone!

Q: I want to know how my teenager’s day went – when is the best time to check in?

Elliott: I will often facilitate a problem solving activity with sport families. Recently, my client and the mother agreed to only chat about the day’s practice or competition over dinner, rather than immediately after the child walk in the house. The student-athlete responded much better without cold clothes and a hungry stomach.

Q: After games, we sometimes get into arguments, how can I better handle after-game situations?

Elliott: I recommend to the parents of my clients to stick to the normal routine no matter the outcome of the game. If you go to lunch after a win, do the same after a loss. Otherwise, the student-athlete might relate the activities after the game with winning and losing.

Q: How should I best support my athlete emotionally? 

Jimmy: Encourage them and be a good listener:  parents are the main source of emotional support.  You can play a vital role by encouraging your young athlete and providing an avenue for them to express their frustrations, fears, and successes.

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