You Don’t Have to be Sick to Get Better

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It seems that unfortunately many people still envision the field of Psychology as one involving embarrassed clients, 1960’s Freudian offices, and processing personal issues.

We at SPINw plan to change that misguided vision as we continue to work with healthy, mentally tough athletes simply looking for an extra competitive edge.

    • Coach Jimbo Fisher, of Florida State University, contracted a mental conditioning coach and insisted,“We are going to put as big of an emphasis on metal conditioning as physical in our program because you don’t have to be sick to get better”.


    • Dr. McCann, of The United States Olympic Committee, described Team USA’s approach to his sport psychology training as, “It’s not so much that there’s something going wrong. It’s like part of what they do to get ready for the competitive season”.


  • More locally, Portland State University explained the developing need for sport psychology training, “With the driving competitiveness of college sports, sport psychologists are becoming more common tools for coaches.  It’s becoming more common among some of the more successful college programs”.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking you have to be sick to get better. Get your mental game going with a SPINw consultant today!

(Check out Florida State University’s article here)

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